Thank you for taking the time to answer this survey. We are interested in your Loomio experiences, and what role Loomio plays in your organizing efforts.

If you are involved in several Loomio groups, please answer the first set of questions in relation to the group in which you are MOST active. When you finish those questions you will have the option to repeat the survey focusing on a Loomio group in which you are LESS active.

Let’s get started!
Which of the following types of groups would you say best applies to your Loomio group?

what types of issues are your group working on?

What is your group name?

Loomio groups are of three kinds: open, closed and secret.
For the group you have chosen please indicate what type of group it is

Does the Loomio group communicate on other platforms besides Loomio?

Besides the Loomio tools please indicate the degree to which your group members rely on each of the following digital software tools or social media to communicate about group issues.

(With 1 being Do not use, 2 Rarely, 3 Sometimes, 4 Often, or 5 for Constantly)



Office Intranet






Trello Board





Tell us which Other tool you group use

How important is your Loomio usage compared to the other digital platforms you have just listed?

People in Loomio groups sometimes join because they are members of a particular organization or group, but others join the group without any official organizational affiliation. Choose the option below that best describes your participation.

What role(s) have you played in this group?

"I see myself as a leader of the group"

"Others see me as a leader of the group"

"I would like to see more direct leadership in this group"

Please indicate the degree to which you agree or disagree with the following 6 statements about group interaction:

Most participants in the Loomio group are involved in influencing the group’s goals.

Only a few participants in the Loomio group are engaged in deciding the direction of the group.

Many participants are likely to initiate new and creative ideas.

This is the kind of group where participants  who interact with one another know each other personally.

I know very little personal information about the other participants I interact with.

The people I interact with in this group know very little about ME personally.

Now, thinking about this group, please pick the option that best describes it

Which one of this statements best describes your group?

How does your group coordinate the activity on Loomio?

Pick the option best suited to this group

We are also interested in how satisfied you are with your experience in the Loomio Group. Could you assess the following Statements with that in mind on a five-point scale?

I would be willing to work with this group on other projects in future.

This group experience should not be repeated.

I am satisfied with the outcome of the group’s work.

The outcomes of the group could have been better.

The group decision process worked effectively.

I would recommend using this deliberation format for other groups.

The work of this group has made an important difference.

So far we have asked you questions about your experience with a specific group. We now have a few questions for you about your general beliefs about how effective groups should function in general. Please assess the following statements on a five-point scale.

I  believe group leaders should shape group goals to a greater extent than group members.

I believe members should get to know each other personally in a group if it is to function effectively.

I believe that digital communication can replace the need for face-to-face communication when it comes to group decision making.

There should be no identified leaders in a group.

Now for a few final optional questions:

What is your age?

What is your country of residency?

What gender(s) do you identify with?

Thank you for your time!
If you are a part of more than one group will be great if you would like to fill in this form again for your other groups. If so, just click on the Again button below.
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